This service is released for beta purposes only.

About DataBuyer

An alternative data acquisition model

Speak to your audience directly, asking them for the exact data you need. DataBuyer is a new model for data acquisition, one that is based on complete transparency, direct communication, and fair reimbursement. Ask HAT owners for their data and let them be in control of whom they wish to give it to. What is the HAT?

A fair deal for user data, private by design and default

Whether you’re a marketer, a researcher or a product designer, accurate user data matters. We believe in a fair and open data economy, in which HAT owners can openly and easily share aspects of their personal data, which they own and control, and companies can openly and easily ask for it, whilst giving benefits in return. So much of the Internet economy has become infiltrated with mistrust; DataBuyer offers a model, which dispels those fears, giving companies a way to gain rich, contextualised data, whilst simultaneously building trust.

DataBuyers can ask for data without any personal identity identifiers (PII), so that HAT owners can preserve their privacy when they share it.

How does it work?

DataBuyer is a service built on the Hub of All Things (HAT) infrastructure, and the direct exchange of information between individual user and organisation is facilitated by unique ‘private data accounts’, through a data exchange (the DEX).

These accounts allow HAT owners to pull in the data they generate across various different apps and services into their own private microserver database, meaning they legally own the information inside, and can collate and cross-reference that information in ways that is meaning full and useful. Owning data in this way means HAT owners have the power to share that data with whomever they please, as much or as little data as they like, and stop when do not wish to share it.

DataBuyer is a service that provides the opportunity for anyone to ask HAT owners for their data.

What kind of data offers?

V1: Databuyers can ask for tweets, posts, financial expenses, location, any data that HAT owners have chosen to bring into their HAT, with or without personal identity identifiers. This is useful for researchers, recommenders and market insights.

V2: Databuyers can influence or buy digital action by buying future data e.g. reviews, tweets, posts, watching ads and videos. HAT owners that accept these offers will exchange the data that was generated as evidence of the digital action.

V3: Databuyers can influence or buy physical action by buying future data from physical devices e.g. purchasing actions (use public transport twice this week), consumption actions (consume less water this week) and other experiential, interaction or depletion actions evidenced by data generated through IoT devices and wearables.

DataBuyer is regulated by the HAT Community Foundation